World Record

Chefs at Adventure Island on Southend seafront proved they are batter than all the rest by frying their way into the record books with the World’s Biggest Portion of Chips! The five master fryers at Adventure Island… sizzled 448kg (987.6lb) of chips in just four hours and twenty minutes – smashing the previous Guinness World record of 368.5 kg (812.4 lb) set back in 2004 by Alan Williams at Hereford Racecourse by a whopping 79.5kg (175.2lb).

The clock started at 11am when staff in the theme park’s special ‘wet room’ started peeling and cutting chips in the traditional way. The team then transferred the chips to four deep fat fryers in the award-winning attraction’s Fish and Chip Shop, which cooked 16kg of chips at a time.

Once perfectly crisped, the chips were then emptied into an enormous Fish and Chip box (measuring a massive 137 x 116cms and 75cms high) outside the shop. This is a ‘scaled up’ version of the container normally used to serve chips at Adventure Island and was built to meet food safety regulations by the park’s Art & Design team.

By the 3.20pm “weigh in” verified by Dave Slipper, Chief Inspector of Weights and Measure for Southend Borough – Adventure Island not only made fish-tory, but became a record breaker once again. The park already holds the world records for the Most Naked People on a Rollercoaster (102 people, August 2010) and the Longest Dodgem Car Marathon (26 hours, May 2011).

This record was broken in 2018, by Chandresh Bayad in India.

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